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Cinematographer,Filmmaker, storyteller

At the age of 10 I thought I wanted to be a painter. However, as I started exploring visuals art subjects in
college of art and craft, LUcknow,.I discovered that camera and lighting was where I really clicked. As I
refocused my pursuits on cinematography, the love of storytelling that first attracted me to film never
I love collaborating with the director and crew to create powerful and evocative images. It can be a lot
of fun to create stunning shots that look great for their own sake, but what really gets me going is when
my cinematography is in service of a compelling narrative, whether fiction or non-fiction, long-form or

I have been working as a DP for past 3 years which has taken me through variety of cultures,
experiences and locations spanning the globe, naturally bringing me to Mumbai.

I would describe myself as a autodictat since I have always believed in learning by observation. My
obsession with being technically updated always keeps me on the go. My skills not only include moving
pictures but also and fine arts which has always helped me create the visually perfect image.

In the past I have worked on commercials, documentaries,fashion and music videos.

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